Sarah, 22, Brazillian.

I wanted to be many things, but I ended up here.

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A wesandersian house, from ‘The Royal Tenebaums’

Outfit of the day!


Feral Creautre "Come back and haunt me"


In the mood for love

It’s Monday, but Mr. Goméz, the flamingo, is working very hard!

Ok, ok. I’ve been out of Tumblr for a looong time. Buut it’s because I’m finally finishing my graduation! 

Lets go to the news: I finally created my own page on Facebook to publish my work! YAY! And don’t worry: I will still publish here!

So like me on Facebook if you follow me on Tumblr :D

My music taste

Oh hai! Today I’m gonna do a ~tag challenge~ ! I think tags are fun and I don’t usually do it. So… there it is :)

Tagged by Bec013

rules → YOU CAN TELL A LOT ABOUT SOMEONE BY THEIR TASTE IN MUSIC; put your ipod on shuffle and write down the first twenty songs without skipping any. afterwards, pass this on to ten people. (sorry guys, but I have to skip the repeated ones!)

  1. Tag ohne Schatten - Tocotronic
  2. Your bones - Of Monsters and Men
  3. For Emma - Bon Iver
  4. My boy builds coffins - Florence + The Machine
  5. Anders als Glücklich - Blumfeld
  6. Hiob - Jochen Distelmeyer
  7. Stardust - Mika
  8. Amnesia - Justin Timberlake
  9. La passerella di Otto e Mezzo - Nino Rota
  10. Infrared - Placebo
  11. Salt Peanuts - Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie
  12. And just like that - Abel Korzeniowski
  13. Forbidden colours - Ryuichi Sakamoto
  14. Pause - Clueso
  15. Wake up - Arcade Fire
  16. Quizás, quizás, quizás - Nat King Cole
  17. Cafetorium - Anathallo
  18. Thursgood - Alberto Iglesias
  19. Chanson Illusionist - Sylvain Chomet 
  20. Long distance call - Phoenix

I won’t tag anyone specifically, so feel free if want to do it!


"I can’t help myself… I love good food!"

One of my favourites Pixar movie!