Yowzah! I'm Sarah, 22, Brazillian.

My inspiration usually comes from music, films, books and other illustrators.
I like to drink coffee, read before sleep, research about art, create new colour palette.My favourite author is Haruki Murakami and my favourite series is BBC Sherlock.
Hope you enjoy my work :)

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Marcello Mastroianni in Federico Fellini’s 8½ on the official poster for Cannes 2014, designed by Hervé Chigioni and Gilles Frappier.

8½ played in the Official Selection at Cannes in 1963.

Man, you don’t know how happy I was to see it!

Kiki’s delivery service! 

One of my favourites Miyazaki’s! Love Jiji!

Spring outfit

Guess what’s the next movie?

(answer in the hashtags!)

Winter outfit


I think I’m finally back to fashion illustration. I had already flirted with it a little bit in the past, but took a time to develop and improve some of my difficulties.

Now I’m addicted to some fashion vloggers and bloggers who are inspiring me a lot!

Meanwhile, last Friday I went to Arcade Fire’s concert and I’m stunned! I went as a fan who enjoyed their songs, but didn’t care to be so foward. Even the view is still very good, the concert was so so SO AMAZING that, next time, I want to be in front of them!

It was magical. I want to change my life, to get out of this routine and live in an Arcade Fire song. They are, now, in my Favorite Bands Top 10.

and who doesn’t like Lupita Nyong’o?